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Please join us for our second Maverick Spirits, Saké, and Non-Alcoholic Trade Show on April 24.

Non-Alcohlic products from Proxies, AVEC, Three Spirit, Something and Nothing, Casamara Club, & Strongwater.
Brandy from Laird’s (Lisa Laird will be here for this one!), Brandy Sainte Louise, AE Dor, Maison Gelas, Mette, Massenez, & Reisetbauer.
Gin/Aquavit from Letherbee, Hi & Mighty, & Norden.
Rum from El Dorado Rum, Diamond Reserve Rum, Uruapan Charanda, Gustoso, Dakabend, St Benevolence, Rum Fire, Blackwell.
Agave spirits from Rey Campero, Real Minero, Chacolo, Gusto Historico, Palomas Mensajeres, Lamata, Cumbrita de la Sierra, Sanzekan, Cuish, Alipus, Las, Perlas Raicilla, La Luna, Pal’ Alma, La Medida, Macurichos. Santanera, La Gran Senora, Real del Valle, Divino, Puntamanguera, & Wild Common.
Whiskey from Doc Swinson’s, Castle & Key, Backbone Bourbon Co.
Saké from Komé Collective.
...and many more

Date: Wednesday, April 24
Time: 12:00 - 4:00pm
Location: @ RPM Events
Address: 317 N Clark St., Chicago IL